MailCore & MailCore Pro Support

Support Documents (.pdf)
MailCore Pro User Guide This guide will take you through the various features of the service when using the web interface.  Please refer to separate set-up instructions for specific platforms.
MailCore Pro Set-Up Guide for OSX MailCore Pro Set-Up for Mac OSX.  Accessing Your Calendars using CalDAV Using iCal. These instructions created in version 10.7 (Lion).
MailCore Pro Set-Up Guide for iPhone Setting up your iPhone with MailCore Pro.
MailCore Pro Set-Up Guide for Android There are several applications in the Google Play Store which enable you to access to your Calendar(s) and Address Book(s) and File(s).
We have successfully tested CalDAV-Sync for Calendars, CardDAV-Sync for Address Books and WebDAV Nav for Files access. All these applications are available in both free and paid versions from the Google Play Store.
MailCore Pro Set-Up Guide for Windows Setting up your Windows device with MailCore Pro. Accessing your MailCorePro Address Calendar CalDAV. Using Thunderbird.
CalDav Synchronizer This package provides Outlook with the resources it needs to connect to MailCore Pro and seamlessly access contacts, calendars and tasks.