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Migrating your email

Here at The Very Good Email Company we understand that moving from one email platform to another can be fraught with potential problems.

We have vast experience with helping our customers and Accredited Partners migrate between email platforms.

Whatever combination of old and new platforms the chances are we’ve been there and can provide advice on the best route to take.

“The migration of customers was totally seamless and the company has had no issues at all since they outsourced to The Very Good Email Company.” Case Study: Utilis Technology

We’ll help you configure your existing email clients to work with your new mail platform – with no site visit required. Simple, fast and efficient! Migration from your existing email platforms is easy – use our email archiving service, MessageBunker, Zimbra’s own migration tool, or Outlook Import tools.

Talk to us – we can help!


Easy email migration using our MessageBunker email archiving platform.


Migrate current Outlook installation using Zimbra’s migration tool.


Successful migrations for large and small organisations.


On tap to provide help and expertise when needed.


On-site visits available from our network of accredited Partners

No Worry!

Don’t let the worry of migration prevent you from upgrading your email platform.