Service Alert: Scheduled Server Maintenance

We need to perform memory upgrades to two back-end mail servers, and would like to reserve the following maintenance windows for this work:

  • Saturday 26th March – 11pm-2am
  • Sunday 27th March – 11pm-2am

Hopefully we will be able to complete all the work in the first window. All being well, each server will suffer a downtime of approx 30 mins, during which time users with mailboxes on that particular server will not be able to access their email. After the work, the servers will actually run slower for a day, or two, while they refill their caches with frequently used data. Hopefully the timing of this work is such that this will go unnoticed due to the lower than normal loading anyway. We will send an update as and when the work is completed.

Service Alert: Update to MailCore Pro

For your information, we will performing a minor update to the MCP database this evening to prepare it for a forthcoming upgrade to our CalDAV servers. No downtime is anticipated and users should not experience any change or interruption. No action is required on your part but please be aware should you notice anything unexpected.

Update: Tonight’s planned update for MailCore Pro has been successfully completed with minimal interruption.

Archive Exchange and Office 365

Email Archiving and Discovery for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

MessageBunker silently duplicates and stores every email you send and receive in our secure data facilities. It logs into your account on a regular schedule and works with any Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 (Enterprise account), IMAP or POP3 server. It keeps your email regardless of whether it is deleted locally.

  • Backup email on your Exchange Server, or Office 365 account, using Journaling
  • Seamless integration
  • Preserves existing folders and users
  • Provides off-site business continuity
  • Ideal ‘legal discovery’ and compliance tool

Use the ‘journaling’ feature to send copies of emails to MessageBunker, which will then identify the sender and recipient(s) and add the to the relevant mailbox on MessageBunker. The service will also allow for scenarios where multiple domains exist on a single Exchange server, possibly for multiple customers.

Watch the short video.