Service Alert: Notification of upgrade for CalDAV users

On the evening of Thursday 26th May we will be upgrading all our MailCore Pro CalDAV servers to a new version. This includes several enhancements for those using our services with calendaring apps including improved invitation support and CalDAV-compliant calendar sharing that can be administered from with apps (subject to support). Performance is also greatly improved. No action is required on your part or your customers to receive these updates and we do not anticipate any downtime. A further advisory will be sent when the upgrade is completed.

New Log Searching Feature for Partners

We’ve introduced a new feature to the Partner Control Panel: Search Logs. If your customer thinks they may be missing an email, you can quickly search their entire inbound email history to see exactly when a given mail arrived and how it was processed. All you need is the customer’s email address and a rough date range. You’ll see what we received and how we processed it (e.g. into the user’s inbox, SMTP forwarded or marked as spam).

We hope this new feature will assist in quickly diagnosing common issues such as where an email has got to and help improve service to your customers.

A link to the ‘Search Logs’ page can be found on the main Partner Portal Account Management screen.

Any feedback on the service would be welcomed.