Service Alert: zimbra002 Upgrade Work

The zimbra002 upgrade went as planned last night.

It took about 2 hours in the end because there are more files on that server, so it took a bit longer to process.

There will be another short (< 5 min) outage tonight at 10pm, and then again one evening next week, and then it'll be complete. Once again thanks for your patience if you are affected by this.

Service Alert: Zimbra Upgrades

We’re pleased to say the upgrade to zimbra004 went as planned last night, with a total downtime of approx 75 minutes.

There will be another short outage tonight at 10pm to move some files around (< 5 minutes). Also, reminder that zimbra002 will be going through the same treatment at 10pm next Wednesday (23rd).

Service Alert: Issue with Microsoft 365 Users

We’ve been making some changes on our back-end mail servers that resulted in a number of accounts being moved to a new server.

This was done without disruption except for those who are SMTP forwarding to Microsoft 365.

This disruption was caused by Microsoft having some anti-spam ‘greylisting’ technology that caused them to greylist this new server because of the volume of emails coming from it.

To rectify this problem, we have moved all the affected accounts to another server that has been sending volumes of email to Microsoft for years, so isn’t affected by this problem.

So, many thanks Microsoft, and many apologies to all those affected by this.

Service Alert: zimbra003 Hardware Migration

Next Thursday 27th August we will be performing a hardware upgrade for zimbra003 to take it onto newer faster hardware and full SSD disk system.

This work will start at 10pm BST, and will hopefully complete within an hour or less, but it is possible that it will take several hours if things don’t go perfectly to plan.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this work.

Service Alert: MX Records Changed

We are making some backend changes that is affecting the IP addresses of our MX records.

If you use our MX records, or have delegated your MX to us, you don’t need to do anything.

However, if you have set your own MX records, please alter them to point to the following IP addresses:

All should have equal preference.

Any other MX record addresses will be gradually phased out over the next month, or two.

COVID-19 and The Very Good Email Company

All of our staff are working normally, but remotely, and have access to all necessary support tools and the network.

Services and support will continue as usual – if you have a support query please email and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Our very best wishes to all our customers and Partners at this difficult time.

Service Alert: Back-end Server Reboot

We are going to do an emergency reboot at 11pm tonight of one of our back-end mail servers.

The filing system has started to have some unusual delays. This happened to another server about a year ago and a reboot fixed it.

As this server has been up for 4 years, we suspect the same issue, so are going for the reboot option.

Apologies to all affected – outage on POP3 & IMAP for affected users should last around 10 minutes max if all goes to plan.

Service Alert: Zimbra Server Upgrades

Over the next week and a half we will be upgrading our Zimbra servers from version 8.7 to 8.8.

Work will commence at some point after 22:00 hrs on each day – with a possible downtime of up to 2 hrs, but we hope this will be significantly less.

The plan is to update the relevant servers on the following dates:

Zimbra002 on Thursday – 21st November, 2019

Zimbra003 on Tuesday – 26th November, 2019

Zimbra004 on Thursday – 28th November, 2019

We don’t expect to see any issues and any Outlook users should be prompted for a connector upgrade; if this doesn’t happen Outlook users will need to get the connector for 8.8.15 GA – available from the following link. If their Outlook is 32bit, then they will need to get the 32bit version.

Downloads – Zimbra Connector for Outlook

Service Alert: Mail Server Reboot Last Night

Just a quick note to say that this was done at approx 23:15, and all seems OK today, but we will continue monitoring closely for a while.

Service Alert: Mail Server Reboot

Further to our previous message, we are going to reboot the server mail001 at approx 11pm tonight as a precaution.

We expect total downtime of this server to be in the region of 10 minutes and will have an engineer on site to make sure everything goes smoothly.