Service Alert: Mail SSD Backend Announcement

We’re pleased to announce that following months of behind-the-scenes work, all Mailcore and wholesale email mailboxes are now stored on SSD, using the most advanced filesystem in the world, ZFS. This gives us numerous advantages, including faster performance, improved reliability and less energy consumption. ZFS gives us instant snapshots and guarantees against filesystem corruption as well as adding even more performance due to its advanced memory caching scheme.

Service Alert: Notification of SQL Works

On Thursday 28th July, starting at approx 10pm, we will begin the final stage of a central database server upgrade. We will be upgrading our MySQL servers from v 5.1 to v 5.6, and switching from MyISAM database format to InnoDB. This will give us some speed and reliability advantages. We’ve found a way of doing this with minimal disruption (expecting 2 sub-10 second outages, if that), but this is a core part of our system, and so there is a risk of more significant problems if things don’t go according to plan, along with the possibility of some minor issues elsewhere due to the change in database format.

Service Alert: Notification of upgrade for CalDAV users

On the evening of Thursday 26th May we will be upgrading all our MailCore Pro CalDAV servers to a new version. This includes several enhancements for those using our services with calendaring apps including improved invitation support and CalDAV-compliant calendar sharing that can be administered from with apps (subject to support). Performance is also greatly improved. No action is required on your part or your customers to receive these updates and we do not anticipate any downtime. A further advisory will be sent when the upgrade is completed.

New Log Searching Feature for Partners

We’ve introduced a new feature to the Partner Control Panel: Search Logs. If your customer thinks they may be missing an email, you can quickly search their entire inbound email history to see exactly when a given mail arrived and how it was processed. All you need is the customer’s email address and a rough date range. You’ll see what we received and how we processed it (e.g. into the user’s inbox, SMTP forwarded or marked as spam).

We hope this new feature will assist in quickly diagnosing common issues such as where an email has got to and help improve service to your customers.

A link to the ‘Search Logs’ page can be found on the main Partner Portal Account Management screen.

Any feedback on the service would be welcomed.

New Gateway Control Interface

Gateway gets a Major Upgrade!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Gateway Control Panel that picks up on recent design changes to our website and provides a number of new features, as well as more intuitive navigation.

email spam and virus filtering

New tools for Gateway include attachment filtering, spam digest controls and a range of comprehensive diagnostic tests – all combining to make our Gateway service even more powerful than before. New stats clearly demonstrate the value and results of using the service.

The new interface is live now and will run in parallel with the old interface for the next three months, after which we’ll discontinue the old one. This will take place on Tuesday 2nd August 2016.

To view the new Gateway interface point your browser at and use your existing login and password.

If you require any assistance, or have feedback on the new interface, please let us know at

Service Alert: Anti-Virus Extreme Setting – Macros

We have just enabled a new feature for those using Extreme setting on Anti-Virus. This blocks all Word/Excel attachments that contain macros of any sort, reporting them as: Heuristics.OLE2.ContainsMacros

As this is the Extreme setting, we thought it appropriate to enable this feature. As ever, we welcome your feedback on the impact of this.

Zimbra mailboxes – now with a huge 50GB of storage!

We’re delighted to announce that we are upgrading the amount of storage quota included as standard with Zimbra mailboxes to a whopping 50GB – something which makes our Zimbra services even more attractive.

Existing customers don’t need to do anything – we are currently going through all of our Zimbra accounts and upgrading them over the next few days.

Service Alert: Scheduled Server Maintenance

We need to perform memory upgrades to two back-end mail servers, and would like to reserve the following maintenance windows for this work:

  • Saturday 26th March – 11pm-2am
  • Sunday 27th March – 11pm-2am

Hopefully we will be able to complete all the work in the first window. All being well, each server will suffer a downtime of approx 30 mins, during which time users with mailboxes on that particular server will not be able to access their email. After the work, the servers will actually run slower for a day, or two, while they refill their caches with frequently used data. Hopefully the timing of this work is such that this will go unnoticed due to the lower than normal loading anyway. We will send an update as and when the work is completed.

Service Alert: Update to MailCore Pro

For your information, we will performing a minor update to the MCP database this evening to prepare it for a forthcoming upgrade to our CalDAV servers. No downtime is anticipated and users should not experience any change or interruption. No action is required on your part but please be aware should you notice anything unexpected.

Update: Tonight’s planned update for MailCore Pro has been successfully completed with minimal interruption.

Archive Exchange and Office 365

Email Archiving and Discovery for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

MessageBunker silently duplicates and stores every email you send and receive in our secure data facilities. It logs into your account on a regular schedule and works with any Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 (Enterprise account), IMAP or POP3 server. It keeps your email regardless of whether it is deleted locally.

  • Backup email on your Exchange Server, or Office 365 account, using Journaling
  • Seamless integration
  • Preserves existing folders and users
  • Provides off-site business continuity
  • Ideal ‘legal discovery’ and compliance tool

Use the ‘journaling’ feature to send copies of emails to MessageBunker, which will then identify the sender and recipient(s) and add the to the relevant mailbox on MessageBunker. The service will also allow for scenarios where multiple domains exist on a single Exchange server, possibly for multiple customers.

Watch the short video.