email archiving and discovery


In-the-Cloud email archiving and discovery – made simple!

Ever lost an important email? Email is the life-blood of any organisation so it’s imperative that your email is backed up in a safe place – not only to meet legal compliance, but also for your own sanity.

MessageBunker provides a simple, secure, in-the-cloud email archiving and discovery platform that won’t break the bank!

MessageBunker email arching

MessageBunker now works seamlessly with Gmail!

Microsoft Outlook

MessageBunker stores directly within Outlook.

Microsoft Office 365

MessageBunker provides the perfect partner to Office 365 (enterprise).

Microsoft Exchange

Full integration via journaling.

Gmail compatible

MessageBunker now works seamlessly with Gmail.


Access MessageBunker via iPhones and Android devices in an iOS-style interface.


Works with any publicly addressable POP3 or IMAP server.


Access wherever you have Internet access: ideal for disaster recovery.

Fast Search

Search through text and a huge number of attachment formats.

Time Travel

See your inbox as it was at any point in time since archiving began.

Recover and Restore

Restore archived emails direct to your mail account.

Migration Tool

The ideal migration tool simply archive and restore to your new server.

Test Accounts

No obligation test accounts available on request.

Great Value

from only £2.00 per month.


From only £2.00

  • per mailbox, per month
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