Service Alert: Mail Server Reboot Last Night

Just a quick note to say that this was done at approx 23:15, and all seems OK today, but we will continue monitoring closely for a while.

Service Alert: Mail Server Reboot

Further to our previous message, we are going to reboot the server mail001 at approx 11pm tonight as a precaution.

We expect total downtime of this server to be in the region of 10 minutes and will have an engineer on site to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Service Alert: Mail Server POP3 Issues

Since 20:44 yesterday, we have experienced some intermittent POP3 issues on one of our back-end mail servers.

We’re not quite sure what is causing this, and suspect a software issue within the ZFS system.

We have (hopefully) put in some changes that will stop this recurring, but we may need to do an emergency reboot of the system at some point to fix it properly. This will unfortunately affect IMAP and SMTP forwarding users on that server, but shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes or so.

More information will come as and when we know.

Meanwhile, apologies to all those affected by this.