Service Alert: Zimbra Upgrades

Important – Zimbra Upgrades

As part of our ongoing programme of service enhancements, we will be performing upgrade work on our Zimbra servers during the month of January.

This work will be undertaken outside of normal working hours (in the evening) and will involve a period of downtime for each server.

We will endeavour to minimise any disruption to service and any inbound email received whilst each server is offline will be queued until the relevant server is live again.

The dates will be as follows – we will be sending reminders beforehand.

Wednesday 17th Jan: Zimbra004 – upgrade to Zimbra 8.7
Wednesday 31st Jan: Zimbra003 – upgrade to Zimbra 8.7
Wednesday 7th Feb: Zimbra002 – upgrade to Zimbra 8.7

Whilst Zimbra 8.8 has just been released, we want to monitor it over the coming months to ensure stability. Once satisfied that it will be reliable we will upgrade to that version.We haven’t forgotten Zimbra001 and will contact customers on this server about moving users in the New Year.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Service Alert: Major Proxy Server Issues

It looks like we’ve suffered from some sort of attack against our proxy servers, which has unfortunately resulted in the need to reboot them.

This process is underway at the moment, and we hope to have services restored shortly. We are currently blocking some POP3S services, as this is the source of the attack, we believe, and we will look to restore these as soon as we can.

Please accept our apologies and be assured we’re working hard to restore service and figure out how we can prevent a recurrence.

Update – 14:15

Everything should now be back up and running properly.

We’ve managed to patch some software to control the connections coming in on POP3 over SSL so that another attack on that port shouldn’t overload the servers.

We will, of course, continue to watch closely!

Service Alert: Zimbra004 Server – PSU Issue (Continued)

From approximately 7pm tomorrow evening (Wednesday 18th October) we will be performing a cold reboot of the server, as we perform further work to fix ongoing issues with the Power Supply Units (PSUs).

This will impact all users of Zimbra mailboxes on this server as there will be up to 10 minutes of downtime.

We will endeavour to keep downtime to an absolute minimum, but the work is required to ensure that zimbra004 remains a robust performer going forward.

Any inbound mail will be queued and everything should return to normal, without intervention, following the reboot.