MessageBunker Support Content

Setting up journaling on Office 365 Setting up MessageBunker with Office 365 Journaling
Setting Up with SMTP Forwarding Setting up SMTP feed with MessageBunker: creating a new mailbox.
Migrating Email with MessageBunker If you are moving your email account(s) from one system to another, then MessageBunker provides the most seamless way of accomplishing this with no loss of email functionality at any time. This document explains how you do it…
Restoring to an external IMAP server Restoring from MessageBunker to an external IMAP server.
General prerequisites:
• MessageBunker account.
• Remote email server with IMAP support enabled.
MessageBunker with Exchange IMAP The good news is that Exchange supports the industry standard IMAP protocol, which enables full functionality with MessageBunker. However, there are a few potentially tricky points when dealing with Exchange servers.
MessageBunker with IMAP Youʼve made a good choice. MessageBunker *loves* IMAP. By using IMAP, you will enable MessageBunker to download all your historic email and archive it in exactly the same folder structure that you currently have on your mail client. This then enables the Time Travel feature within MessageBunker, and the ability to restore your mailbox exactly as it was at any point in time.
MessageBunker with GMail To get the best results with MessageBunker, you should always use IMAP access if it is available. Fortunately, with Gmail, IMAP is available, although over SSL only (which increases security, but can lead to confusion in the setup).
MessageBunker with Outlook Integrating MessageBunker with Outlook
MessageBunker with POP3 It goes without saying that if you can possibly use IMAP rather than POP3 you should do so as it enables extra features that simply arenʼt available via POP3. We would also strongly advise configuring your mail client to use IMAP instead of POP3 for much the same reasons. However, if you are tied to POP3 for whatever reason the following will guide you through setting up MessageBunker for use with POP3 email.