• Gateway

    email filtering before it hits your network!

  • MailCore

    email hosting

  • MailCore Pro

    email hosting and collaboration

  • Zimbra

    enterprise class hosted email

  • Fax

    turn your email into a fax machine!

  • MessageBunker

    email archiving made easy!

  • Reseller Programme

    become a Partner TODAY!

  • Wholesale

    white-label solutions for service providers and enterprise


Our services

Your email in safe hands! The Very Good Email Company have built a range of services around its core email filtering services: filtering, hosting, groupware tools, archiving and fax to email solutions are available.

Email Filtering

Gateway: weapons-grade anti-virus and anti-spam filtering before it hits your, or your customers’ network!

Email Hosting

MailCore Pro: our standard email hosting service – with multi-layered anti-virus and anti-spam filtering as standard.

Email Collaboration

MailCore Pro: email hosting and office collaboration service: providing email, shared calendars, contacts, files and notes. Includes anti-virus and anti-spam filtering as standard.

Zimbra Hosting

Zimbra: all the benefits of the Zimbra enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution, with our spam and virus filtering as standard!

Email Archiving

Messagebunker: a simple, secure, easy to set up and use in-the-cloud email archiving and discovery platform that won’t break the bank!


Fax: our fax to email and email to fax service provides you with a unique fax number that takes any received fax and converts it into an email attachment.

Partner Programme

Partner with us: whether you want to add anti-virus and anti-spam features to an existing platform, or set up an email solution for a new customer, we can help…