MrSite email

Continuation of your existing email service

As some of you may already be aware, your email services with MrSite have been provided through us for a number of years.

With the closure of the MrSite service we are able to move you over to be a direct customer of The Very Good Email Company relatively seamlessly.

If you choose to stay with us we will continue to provide the service FREE of Charge until the end of December (2020), whilst we go through all of our former MrSite customers who wish to keep the service, provide quotations for service from January 2021, and move you across accounts-wise.

Understandably you might want to learn a little more about us first…


What do I need to do now?

Firstly: complete the form below and we will ensure your existing service continues, and get back to you as quickly as we can with details of how to become a direct customer with us.

In theory your email will continue to work as normal, but we cannot guarantee how long any MrSite domain hosting and server addresses etc. will work, but will advise anyone choosing to keep their email service with us of any updates as, and when, we have them.

When completing the form we only need one of the email addresses on your MrSite account – we will then identify responses on a per domain (rather than individual email) basis. Please do not submit a separate form for each individual email address you have.


Yes, I’d like to stay: