MessageBunker for Mobile

MessageBunker for Mobile enables users of iPhones and Android phones to access their MessageBunker stores in a suitable iOS-style interface. Users can quickly search their emails, view messages and forward them back to their accounts, or anyone else’s.

Best of all, it supports Apple’s Web App guidelines, so can be added to the iOS Home Screen, where it will act just like a regular iPhone app. Login details are held locally, so the user doesn’t even have to remember their password.

Point your mobiles’ browser at:

This is a special layout suited to iOS and Android devices. It is all Apple Web App compatible, so it can be added to the home screen and used as an app.

• Open Safari
• Go to the above URL
• Click the ‘Share’ icon
• Click ‘Add To Home Screen’

A proper iOS icon will be created and login details stored locally (note: not using cookies) so logins are automatic from that point on.