Quiet Mail – sanity for your inbox!

Ever dreamed of finding a simple way to de-clutter your email inbox?

Introducing a new and really useful service that will bring sanity to your inbox; Quiet Mail.

How it Works

Quiet Mail automatically filters unsolicited mail to a Quarantine folder to reduce load on the inbox.  When enabled, a number of new folders are created in the user’s inbox: Quarantine, Blacklist and Archive.  Once enabled Quiet Mail places all unrecognised emails in the Quarantine folder, marked as read, unless the sender is on the user’s whitelist.  In addition, all emails that identify themselves as ‘bulk’ mailings (such as sales promotions) are placed in the Quarantine folder for the user to decide whether to whitelist, or not.  The result is a mailbox that only receives solicited mail in the Inbox.  All other mail that is not flagged as Spam is stored in Quarantine folder.

It ‘learns’ as you go…

To whitelist a sender (and ensure future emails go to the Inbox, not Quarantine) the user can move the message to another folder. Within a few minutes, the message will be scanned and the sender whitelisted. An ‘Archive’ folder is provided for this purpose. All folders are scanned for whitelisting with the exception of ‘Trash’ and ‘Spam’. So, messages can be safely deleted from Quarantine without whitelisting the senders.

If the user wishes to specifically blacklist a sender (regardless of whether the message has been quarantined or not), they can drag a message to the ‘Blacklist’ folder. Within a few minutes the sender will be added to the blacklist and the message deleted.

Any messages in the Quarantine over 30 days old are automatically deleted, so the folder is self maintaining.

Quiet Mail is not recommended for mailboxes that expect unsolicited mail, such as sales@.

How to switch on…

Users can select the Quiet Mail option via their control panel.