Case Study: E247


E247 offer a full range of Internet related services; domain management, premium email, web and FTP hosting, dedicated servers, website design, programming, VoIP, 3D & multimedia, broadband, Mac & PC support and iPhone & iPad Integration to individuals and businesses of all sizes and throughout the United Kingdom.

Many of E247’s customers are businesses that don’t have the luxury of in-house IT staff. Their needs are not only for high quality provision of Internet services, but also for solid support in daily use and regular ongoing maintenance.

In order to maintain a secure, professional, well managed business E247 only select the best products and services for its portfolio. E247 have a policy of using services it provides its customers internally: VOIP, Broadband, email, FTP, web servers and databases.

This policy ensures that the E247 team have absolute faith and confidence in the services they provide their clients.


A few years ago E247 carried out an exercise to review the email services the company provided its customers. The then current email services was found to lack functionality in a number of key areas and so the E247 team hit the web in search of a new provider that could meet their needs into the future.

Having weighed up a number of options E247 concluded that the Very Good Email Company appeared to have everything they needed in a provider: a range of high quality email solutions, great testimonials, efficient and open customer communication and a very informative website.

With the decision made, E247 became an Accredited Partner of The Very Good Email Company in February 2010 and have not looked back!


The Very Good Email Company has met the needs of E247 by providing a wide range of well specified, rock solid email solutions, coupled with prompt technical support and an admirable “how can we improve our services for you, customer?”

E247 have been able to offer their clients additional email services and generate additional revenue streams with The Very Good Email Companies’ MessageBunker and MailCore Pro services.

“There have been many benefits over our previous email services supplier: robustness and reliability, range of facilities and custom branding being a few…”

“The Very Good Email Company do exactly what their name implies – and then some!”

Declan Flanders,
Director E247