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MessageBunker email archiving – now available to the Channel


Email solutions provider APM Internet has launched a new in-the-cloud email archiving and discovery service, MessageBunker (www.messagebunker.com), into the Channel, providing ultra-secure archiving that is simpler and cheaper to deploy than existing alternatives.

MessageBunker silently duplicates and stores every email and a Google-style interface enables users to search their archive and find relevant emails and attachments in seconds. Found emails can be viewed instantly, downloaded, printed, or restored. In addition MessageBunker’s Time Travel utility enables users to see their inbox as it was at any point in time since archiving began via a webmail interface and download the entire package as a zip file if required.

As MessageBunker is a ‘cloud’ service there is no software client to install, or hardware to add to an office network – all the end user needs is access to a decent web browser.

Iain Ogilvie, marketing manager at APM Internet: “The volume of email traffic continues to rise and legislation regarding business communications is becoming ever more stringent. Sooner, or later, all businesses will need to have some form of email archiving solution in place.” He adds: “Email archiving is one of those subjects that most of us would probably choose to ignore. It’s not sexy, it doesn’t appear to directly add revenue to your business and it’s just something else you simply haven’t got time to address. MessageBunker is the ideal solution.”

MessageBunker is now actively recruiting resellers from within the Channel, providing typical margins of 138% depending upon the amount of data stored and the level of discount attained by each reseller. Retail costs are minimal – £5 per month per 5GB of storage. For those that remain unconvinced – the service has a free entry level option that allows up to 5 mailboxes and 2GB of data storage.

Adrian Mardlin, APM Internet MD, commented ìThis is a great service that provides a simple, secure, economical solution to a rising tide of email and Government and Industry regulation – it is already proving extremely popular.î He continues: “MessageBunker provides an ideal solution for the Channel as it is simple to set up and manage and provides excellent margins.”


About APM Internet

APM Internet is the UK Leader in email and fax solutions, formed in 2002 by Adrian Mardlin – the founder of successful ISP Nildram (now a part of Tiscali). With a specific focus on fax and email services, APM Internet has built a successful niche providing fax-to-email and email-to-fax solutions, as well as email packages with leading edge spam and virus filtering.

APM Internet has brought together experienced individuals to create a core team of design, development and implementation experts. APM Internet is all about technical excellence, concentrating on messaging and nothing else, maintaining a tight focus on providing the best services in the business.


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