MessageBunker with Outlook

MessageBunker silently duplicates and stores every email you send and receive in our secure data facilities. It logs into your account on a regular schedule and works with any Microsoft Exchange, IMAP or POP3 server. It keeps your email regardless of whether it is deleted locally.

  • Embeds directly into Microsoft Outlook
  • Search the entire contents of your email archive
  • Search by To / Subject / From
  • Search through a huge variety of attachment formats
  • Download raw messages (RFC822)
  • Preview messages and download attachments
  • Download a zip of all search results
  • Forward a selected message to anywhere – either as a new message or attached in it’s ‘pure’ form

MessageBunker for Outlook (MBO) provides a quick and intuitive interface to access MessageBunker stores directly within the Outlook interface. Intended for use by those using Outlook with Exchange in a journaling set-up but compatible with all common browsers and can be used with any type of MessageBunker inbox.

Watch the short video.